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Sarah Smallwood Strategic Marketing Coach

The programme I offer is a combination of a complete analysis and improvement of your Marketing and regular coaching with you and your team.

Consultation AND Coaching is a winning formula that I see achieve amazing results for my clients every time.

To give you an example of how I work I’ve detailed the areas I would usually cover. Of course, I work with entrepreneurs that own or work within all sizes of business from large corporates to start ups, so this is just an example:

The first step is to have an initial discussion. This will help me to gain a full understanding of your business, who your target audience is, the current processes you have in place, your past and present business position and much more. On this basis I can work out exactly what you will need to do to change the direction of your Marketing.

The next stage is then to create a plan. The plan will outline what needs to be addressed first, what areas of you Marketing we need to spend little more time on and of course the longer-term goals.

And then we set to work…

An example of some investigation exercises I will undertake are:

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Full Marketing Strategy and Projections

Your Bespoke Marketing Plan

A Full Website and Performance Appraisal including key steps for improvement

A Full Social Analysis

Customer Communication Outlines

Sales Plan

Branding Inspection

Digital Marketing Versus Offline Strategy


PR, Blogging and Influencing!

Customer service

Weekly 121 Consultation and Coaching

Of course, this list isn’t everything that I do during our consultation period. It is purely for illustrative purposes,
but you get an idea of the types of areas I will be closely analysing.

Strategic Marketing Coach and Consultant

Over 25 Years’ Experience

Expert Marketing Advice, Coaching and Implementation

Sales,Growth and Marketing Improvement Specialist

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