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Business Coach Durham - Sarah Smallwood

I am a professional performance & business coach covering Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, Newcastle, Leeds and throughout the whole of the UK


Be honest with yourself, are you feeling stuck, both in life and within your business? One minute you were feeling motivated, enthusiastic and driven to achieve success for your business but somehow now you find yourself feeling flat, unmotivated and unsure what to do next to get that SPARK back.

Maybe your business was doing well but seems to have reached a plateau and you are starting to look for some help to shape its next steps to success…





Supporting business owners on their journey.

Business Coach Durham, Newcastle, Leeds, North Yorkshire , Gateshead - Sarah Smallwood


What I do

Firstly I want you to know that you do not have to face this alone. Both myself and my team are trained in the combined areas of expertise that is needed to reignite that fire again for you and your business.

Whatever you wish for whether it be business growth, performance coaching, business coaching, motivation, therapy, goal setting, business plans, marketing strategy, life coach, mindset, leadership coaching whatever you wish to call it. I do all of that for you and with you during our sessions. I like to call it a burst of energy, ideas and enthusiasm for some or listening and mentoring for others, whatever it takes I will know what is required to set you on the track you choose.

Taking the first step is the most important.

It is a big decision and shows a commitment to change. I’d love to hear your story so get in touch here …

Business Coach Durham, Newcastle, Leeds, North Yorkshire , Gateshead - Sarah Smallwood


Why me?

This isn’t your average coaching experience. Having worked with thousands of business owners to improve their business ownership experience I can not only show you how but support you every step of the way. Helping business owners navigate their way to where they want to be is a skill that I have perfected during 25 years in business and business ownership. I have been there – I get it.

Coaching isn’t an off the shelf manual of checklists and textbook instructions, it is uniquely based around YOU the business owner. And it isn’t always about your business. Often business owners have many other things to deal with at the same time as keeping your wheels of success running. I integrate all of these factors into our coaching programme to arm you with the necessary tools and beliefs to be even more awesome than you are now.

A commitment to change is a big decision, but a hugely rewarding one. I’d love to hear your story so please get in touch here.. 



Sometimes you need a little help to take back control of your life. your goals and your business. You CAN feel in control again.

Find out how


Success can take many forms. Let’s find out what your success looks like so we can plan and celebrate it together.

Realise your success

Build Your Confidence

Feeling the confidence to grow and take important steps both in business and in life is an essential ingredient in your journey.

Grow your confidence


What do you wish for…what are you striving to achieve? Anything is possible with the right mix of motivation, determination and drive.

Time to get motivated again

Business Coach Durham - Sarah Smallwood

Why Coaching – Tailored just for you, we identify how to get you to where you want to be 

Positive Mindset – Sometimes it’s a simple mindset adjustment that can make all the difference 

Head in the right Direction – Let’s create a plan to get your business on track  

Let’s talk – Talking is so important and we are trained therapeutic listeners 

Increase Motivation – Working with a mentor has been proven to increase overall motivation

Create a plan – Not only do we help you set unique goals, we help you achieve them too

Working on a plan with a mentor and writing it down increases your chances of success by 80%

Taking the first step is the most important.

67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring

Tailored 1:1 Coaching

Realise Your Potential - Work With Me

Wherever you are with your business you have already achieved so much. But I know though that things can become difficult, you start to feel stuck, like there isn’t enough hours in the day, you’re busy (but not with the things you enjoy anymore) and you’re perhaps starting to feel a little down or even anxious about it all. There are ways to remedy this.

There are tools, techniques, hints, tips, tricks, plans and strategies that have the potential to reignite that fire and get your spark back – both personally and professionally. It is most definitely a journey… but equipped with the right metaphorical implements it is a journey that will help you realise your potential.

Book a free 45 minute chat to see how we can work together

Business Coach Durham, Newcastle, Leeds, North Yorkshire , Gateshead - Sarah Smallwood
Business Coach Durham - Sarah Smallwood

Success Stories...

We have been guided by Sarah what can I say? It has been a real pleasure and privilege working with such helpful and supportive team. Our business has certainly grown since we started to work together. She is friendly, fast, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. We have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to friends, family and customers or in fact anyone wanting a professional presence online

From day one, Sarah took the time to understand my business and what it stands for. Through her efforts I have become recognised internationally within business communities, grown my contact base and freed up valuable time.

Fantastic service from start to finish, if you are looking for Coaching then look no further, we are so pleased with our results, already started to recommend you to others